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The Purpose of 2nd Order Cybernetics
Computer Society of India – Special page on Norbert Wiener Open Letter from the NW Award Recipients

International Center for Information Ethics organizes symposia since 2001/2002 and publishes a book series in cooperation with W. Fink Verlag. Since 2004 ICIE publishes the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE)

IDF provides anytime/anywhere “absolutely free” access to original educational materials developed in collaboration with top tier Universities, Companies, Authors and Thought Leaders.

A professional organisation uniting researchers in fuzzy systems, providing leadership in the modelling and management of uncertainty with an emphasis on fuzzy systems, theory and applications.
Wiener Cybernetics Conferences
Consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering and assurance services delivered through a unique Global Network Delivery Model™. Dr F. C. Kohli, Tata’s former Chairman and the Father of Indian software industry, was a student of Professor Norbert Wiener.

Robert Vallee

President of the World Organisation for Systems and Cybernetics 
Awards: Norbert Wiener Memorial Gold Medal

In 1954, while participating to the Foreign Students Summer Project of MIT, Professor Vallee has had contacts with Norbert Wiener.
President IEEE Hyderabad Section is one of the most active sections of IEEE in India formally introduced in Hyderabad, in June 1981IEEE Hyderabad Section is a proud technical co-sponsor of 2014 IEEE Conference on Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century
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A global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions enabling clients, in more than 30 countries, to stay a step ahead of emerging business trends and outperform the competition. Visit here to see how Infosys (NYSE: INFY), with US$8.25 billion in annual revenues and 160,000+ employees, is Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise® today.

University Norbert WienerThe University Norbert Wiener in Lima, Peru, provides an alternate option in higher education for future leaders and entrepreneurs in the 21st Century. ISO 9001 certified it is an organization of the highest quality, with a select and highly skilled teaching staff with an institutional home located in one of the best areas suitable to the demands of modern infrastructure.
“The time when Wiener’s cybernetics emerged, there were two competing new directions in system design, development, and control:
• a continuous (analog) direction promoted by cybernetics, and
• a discrete (logic-based) direction promoted by first computers associated with the name of John von Neumann.
There has been a fruitful cross-pollination between these approaches, but they largely remained different – until, in 1965, Lotfi Zadeh, a specialist in systems, combined these two directions by showing that, to properly take into account human reasoning, it is not enough to use traditional discrete (two-valued) logic, we need a continuous logic. The resulting fuzzy logic has indeed led to numerous useful practical applications.”
Tata Consultancy Services
In this global environment, only one thing is certain—change. And when things change, TCS will be there to make sure you’re ready. Our custom-designed business solutions and industry-specific expertise will keep you growing and prospering. We have emerged as a global IT and business solutions leader because of our devotion to our clients. When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation. This is why we can offer you the ability to meet every challenge and the agility to capitalize on every opportunity. That’s the power of certainty. And it is our promise to every client.
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About Wiener’s « Cybernetics »
« Cybernetics » is the most widely known book by Norbert Wiener. It is not a technical book, its status is different. It says that feedback, information, and logical calculus, are important concepts not only in electronics but in many fields, from machines to living beings, including man, and the societies they can form. This book deals mainly with philosophical matters with an accent on human problems.
It gives also a glimpse on what Wiener did in the field of probabilities : “Wiener’s measure” connected with Brownian motion, “Generalized harmonic analysis” and prediction of stationary time series, the role of “noise” which opens views on the limitations of knowledge and so on epistemology.
Robert Vallée

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