Special Session: Information Theory and Cybernetics


Prof. Bhudev Sharma was the Founding President of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics. Please visit: http://forum4interdisciplinarymathematics.org/.
He was also the Founding President of the World Association of Vedic Studies [WAVES].
Please visit: http://www.wavesinternational.net/about_us_presidents.phpThis special session has been initiated and guided by Prof. Bhudev Sharma.
An excerpt with [1955 – 1956] inserted as an edit from his mail dated Wed, 17 Mar 2021 03:07:31 -0700 to the team working on this special session reads:
“In fact I recalled visit of Prof. Norbert Wiener to India in [1955 – 1956] and I attended his lecture at the dept of Mathematics, University of Delhi. Also, I taught a course on Information Theory and Cybernetics’ to MS students of the program for several years, following Prof. Weiner’s book on topics on cybernetics”




Information Theory and Cybernetics

Sunday, 25 July 2021 : 11:30 Hrs – 13.00 Hrs IST


Dr. Om Parkash,
– Professor,
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
Prof. Bal Kishan Dass,
– Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi.
Dr. R.P. Singh,
-Research Advisor & Former Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics, Lajpat Rai Post Grauate College,
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad.


1.     MABAC Method based on Spherical Fuzzy Exponential Divergence Measure for Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making Process –        Raj Kumar Verma
2.     Comparative Study of Information Measures in Portfolio Optimization Problems –        Luckshay Batra
3.     Minimum Unorthodox Measure of Entropy for Prescribed Arithmetic Mean and Harmonic Mean –        Anju Rani
4.     Two New Parametric Entropic Models for Discrete Probability Distributions –        Mukesh
5.     Decomposition of Second-Order Linear Recurrence Relations with Periodic Coefficients –        R. Patrick Vernon

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