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Credits and Thanks

  • Images of Norbert Wiener courtesy of MIT Museum
  • Website creation: Jana Paripovich and Vuk Paripovich
  • Website 2016 team: Anurag Rattan, FaRzad Khodadadi, Xiaoxi Guo
  • Website 2021 team: Kalaiyarasi N, Rajkumar Durainadimuthu
  • Melbourne City Photo: Xiaoxi Guo
  • Wiener biography specialists and media campaign contributors: Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman, the authors of the book “Dark Hero of the Information Age”
  • Video production and promotion: including introduction to the conference Greg Adamson – Norbert Wiener Conference in 2014,  and the exclusive interview with Professor Iven Mareels:  Adam Ford, IT professional, Documentary Film Maker, Futurist, Transhumanist, Director at Humanity+

Call for Papers translations

o Russian: Tamara Dmitriyeva

o Chinese: Steven Li

o Spanish: Jose Maria Diaz Nafria

We would also like to thank all authors who have provided a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free right images for non-commercial and educational use.

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