A Remiss of Norbert Wiener

by Martin Schetzen

Norbert Wiener was my teacher, mentor, and friend. When I learned of the conference on Norbert Wiener, I thought it appropriate to submit my remiss of him and to give my short overall personal view of his life as well as his academic life. He was one of the great intellectuals of our time who wrote original works which opened new fields of thought on subjects such as functions of a real variable, epistemology, mathematical logic, relativity, quantum theory, and the Fourier integral and its applications. …To download or read in full, please click  HERE.

Martin Schetzen
Prof. Emeritus, Northeastern University

SCHETZENMartin Schetzen received the from New York University, N.Y. and the S.M. and Sc. D. Degrees from M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass. He was a Professor at M.I.T and is currently Professor Emeritus at Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. He is the author of the texts The Volterra and Wiener Theories of Nonlinear Systems, Airborne Doppler Radar: Applications, Theory, and Philosophy, Linear Time-Invariant Systems, and, with V. Ingle, Discrete Systems Laboratory using Matlab. He was awarded the Apollo Certificate of Commendation in 1970 for his contributions to the Apollo program.


Norbert Wiener Slept Here

Norbert Wiener Slept Here by Ironic Sans.


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