About 21st Century Norbert Wiener

On the 120th anniversary of his birth and 50th anniversary of his death, the IEEE commenced a series gathering scientists and engineers from around the world to commemorate the life and work of Norbert Wiener.


During his life, Dr. Norbert Wiener influenced mathematics, philosophy, science, technology, ethics, biology, prosthesis, education, manufacturing and many other fields. Cyberspace is named after his multidisciplinary approach, “cybernetics”, a transdisciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems, their structures, constraints, and possibilities. He was an early practitioner of diversity and social inclusion, and an advocate of social responsibility in the development of technology. This conference will look at his ideas and the influence they have today. It is part of a renewed interest in Dr Wiener’s work, an interest that is being reflected in research, writing and practice, and in both old and new media.


21st Century Norbert Wiener is a program of activities to reintroduce him to a younger generation.

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